Monday 2.28.11 – Giving it 100%

I was reading the comments back and forth about frustration with movements such as double unders and a dozen people popped into my mind that have all voiced similar frustrations about particular movements.  There are a few stories off the top of my head that I wanted to share with everyone that have really stood out to since I started coaching.    
My first, and still current  personal training client was Deb F.  She came to me asking if I would be able to train her in addition to her FitCamp classes so that she could be stronger for the workouts.  She had two set goals in mind; toe push ups and body weight pullups.  We set up a plan to get her stronger at these two movements and continued to work on them each time we met for training.  When Deb  “tested out” with me on her first session she could get 4 one band pullups and was doing knee pushups with shallow form.  Over the weeks and months to follow she was building strength.  We moved her from a full band to a half band and she was able to do push up negatives on her toes.  Today, Deb is able to rock full depth pushups on her toes in sets of 10 and is able to do 6 body weight pullups (maybe even more now- we will have to test again Deb!)  Along with reaching her two goals, she is also able to deadlift and backsquat over 100 lbs!  It has been eye opening to see her progress, every time she reaches new goals its sends her (and me) home glowing. 
Ashleigh G, a 6:30am regular has been coming in “game face on,” since the fall.  I still don’t know what it was that turned the switch for her, but as coaches we saw a look of determination on her face.  I distinctly remember her saying at the beginning of a week that her goal by the end of the month was to get a bodyweight pullup.  Needless to say, she definitely was underestimating her capability because she came in the end of that week and repped out 5!!!  Since that day Ashleigh has been turned on for every workout.  She comes in early and spends time on her goats, is focused during her workouts and makes sure she spends quality time stretching at the end of each class.  She is consistent, and her hard work is showing off, both physically and on the leaderboards!  The first time Ashleigh did Fran Rx’d she placed 3rd!  Since then she has done every workout prescribed and has joined the competition team.  She is lifting some big weights, spending time on the rower, mastering double unders and excelling at gymnastics movements such as handstand pushups and handstand walks.  Great job Ash- you keep me on my toes! 
Another 6:30 am-er who has had great breakthroughs just this month is Melissa L.  Melissa has been a fitcamper for quite a while now.  She has always been consistent about coming to class and trooped through the workouts.  Within the last month, however, I have been introduced to a new Melissa, a woman who has taken control of her actions and is seeing instant progress from it.  Melissa began the 12 week paleo challenge, with what seemed to be some hesitation, as I’m sure many had, about whether this would work for her.  She has stuck with it and has met her 10 pound goal!  That is amazing- in just 6 weeks!  I hear her classmates complementing her all the time on how great she looks, and I know she feels just as great.  That 10 pound goal was not just there for weight loss though, there was more to the number.  Melissa was determined to get a body weight pullup.  She had a great kip with the band, but as soon as we took it away struggled with getting her chin over the bar.  She made a commitment to herself that she would not try another bodyweight pull up until she lost 10 pounds.  Well guess what….Friday was that day!!! Melissa is down 10 and successfully did her first body weight pullup!!!!! She has been working on this since since last October when we moved to our new studio.  Along with that goal, Melissa was the first female to deadlift 250, and now is right behind Lindsey(who can DL 300#!) for the top spot deadlifting @275#, she has also mastered double unders and is able to do them in workouts! 
Why have these stories stuck out in my mind, because these people are real!  They have careers, families, and friends outside of the studio, yet they make the time that they do spend here count.  They set goals for themselves and give 100% to make them happen.  They don’t let frustration get in their way, but rather take the time to step over the obsticles that have been road blocks for them in the past.  
The point of this post is to have you relate to one of these members.  Have you been stuck at a road block for some time?  What are you doing to get over it?  Are you giving it 100%, do you have a positive attitude, do your actions outside of the studio parallel your goals?  
We all have roadblocks along our way to success, it’s how you tackle them that can either make you or break you.  Nick reminded me of that this week, as I became frustrated with my lifts and muscle up (which I have been trying to get for 1 year!)  I realized that although I had specific goals, I was not giving each of them 100%. With a new outlook, attitude and approach I know that you and I both can achieve anything we want bad enough, are willing to put the time into and truly put our minds to 100%. 

Tina, Rachel, Olivia and Gail representing on FitCamp Sock Day!

Today’s Workout: 
Front Squat
Workout: (CrossFit mainsite workout 2.20.11)
50 foot Walking OH Lunge
21 Burpees
5 rounds for time
20 min CAP
Level 1: (women) BW (men) 15lbs
Level 2:  (women) 15lbs (men) 25lbs
Level 3:  (women) 35lbs (men) 45lbs
Saturday, March 12th:  Pull-up/Double Under Workshop
More info coming soon!
Paleo Challenge:  Day 43

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