Monday 4.1.13

EXP Member Testimonial:
“I’ve practiced yoga on and off since my teens, and had also gotten into hiking and biking a few years ago. During a stressful phase around January of 2012, I picked my cigarette habit back up, stopped eating clean, and lost the motivation to do anything even resembling exercise. My bike started collecting dust, my yoga mat was shoved in the back of a closet, and my physical and mental state were annoying reminders that I wasn’t very happy. I was exhausted, felt sick a lot, and was really moody.
Whenever I managed to drag myself to the gym, something as simple as “I’m 2 minutes late to a class” would turn into the perfect excuse to go home. I felt so defeated because when I DID get some exercise in, I was exhausted, which gave me zero motivation to try again. I think something clicked for me when I got all the way to the gym, was about to hop on the treadmill, and instead left because I’d forgotten my iPod. I headed to Wendy’s and called my boyfriend crying while eating a cheeseburger in the parking lot. I remember just feeling really disappointed in myself for giving up so easily, not to mention embarrassed for having a meltdown over an iPod. Not my best moment… so I started doing some research.
I’m really glad I looked into CrossFit! I was a little intimidated by the thought of it because there are some great athletes there, but everyone I’ve met has been very supportive. It’s the total opposite of the traditional gym experiences I’ve had, which have mostly consisted of me awkwardly trying to use machines and ending up on the treadmill. The trainers at your facility are excellent. I love that they take time to listen and help modify a workout if anyone needs it. They’ve found a perfect balance of pushing an individual to do their best while still helping them listen to their bodies if something doesn’t work for them.
I’ve personally gained a lot from this experience physically and mentally. I can feel myself getting stronger, and I have noticed that I’m gaining a bit more definition in the places I wanted to. I have much more energy, which has made me more productive at work and at home. It’s also motivated me to get back into yoga and I’m looking forward to riding my bike again soon! I reached a PR with dead-lifting recently, which I honestly didn’t think I’d ever do (or be interested in doing), and I’m excited to see what else I can accomplish!
– Natalia


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Skill/Strength: Overhead Squat
WOD: [Flying Dragon]
9 OHS (115/80lbs)
12 C2B Pull-ups
15 HR Push-ups
10min AMRAP
Buy-out: None
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