Monday 5.13.13

EXP Member Testimonial:
“I left my annual physical disappointed by my weight gain, I was at a new high. But I still had the mentality of “if my uniform still fits, I am good”. Then I received my cholesterol test results a few days later and it became apparent that my thought process was severely flawed. After a followup phone call with the Dr., “medicine” was recommended. I felt that early 40’s was too soon to start a prescription ritual. My exercise routine was minimal and my diet was horrible. Trying to workout with my family was becoming difficult with work and schedules. My son was also looking into different exercise routines and he showed me Crossfit. I told him I had a co-worker who did it and it seemed “extreme”. We researched and came across CrossfitEXP. Tried the free intro class and from minute 1 realized just how unique this was going to be. The coach briefly explained what Crossfit was, showed us the workout for that day and off we went. The movement and motions were slowed down for a safe and great 1st workout. We both signed up for the 6wk starter program and attended the Elements course. Understanding the “why’s” and “how’s” of Crossfit helped me grasp the workout process. The nutrition part of the class gave me a wake up call, I was doing the proverbial cart in front of the horse. With my new knowledge I was ready….and then the wallballs, burpees, front squats, back squats, rows and running came at me the 1st week. My entire body hurt from my finger tips to my toes, I didn’t know toes could hurt. Nearly every exercise was foreign to me. Putting weight over my head was worrisome, however Coach Patrick and Nick were there for nearly every motion. From feet/hand placement to body alignment, everything was controlled and made comfortable. The workouts are intense and extremely challenging. I was able to finish my first WOD for time in my 6th week. I can feel myself getting stronger, my body definition is even more proof of that. I no longer have general body aches, just a slight soreness of the muscles used the day before. My eating habits have improved. Stats don’t lie…LDL down 11 points, HDL (good) up 9 points, total cholesterol is down 23 points. I am down 16lbs so far and this is in less than 8 WEEKS. Dr. didn’t know what Crossfit was but he said “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. We will hold off on the medicine”. So as the Dr. ordered, I will continue. Thank you Patrick and Nick for helping me change my life and thanks to the rest of the CrossfitEXP crew for their help and support.”
Be healthy, Become CrossfitEXP.
Steve Herrera.

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Skill/Strength:  OHS
WOD: [ NER 13.3 ]
30 Burpee Muscle-Ups for Time
20 Burpees
20 Pull ups
x 3 rds
Buy-out: 3x max set Ring Dip/Toe Push up. 1 min rest between sets
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