Monday 8.5.13

Today’s WOD is a repeat of the CrossFit Games Individual event from 2007 and 2013!  Check out these recaps of this year’s performances.   Pretty cool to see how we all stack up against the best!


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Strength: Bench Press
Gymnastics/Olympic Lift: Strict Pull Ups 4 sets @ 90% of Max (8-11 reps)
SS Bench & Pull Ups on 3 min
WOD: [ 2007 ]
Row 1 K
Five rounds of:
25 Pull-ups
7 Push jerks (135/85)
Level 1: 15 Pull Ups/ PJ (75/55)
Level 2: 20 Pull Ups/ PJ (115/75)
Level 3: RX
18 min cap
*Goal of the WOD is to just move! No gaming/strategy, get the work done any way any how as quick as possible!
DB Complex: 3×10
Seated Strict Shoulder Press
Bent over Row
Competitor’s Notes: See notes above- Just GO!
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