MONDAY 9.20.10 – Team Throwdown

You speak up, we step up!  As leaders in the health and fitness industry it is important for us as coaches and instructors to make the best choices for the benefit of our members.  However, it is also equally, if not more important to do something that I feel most gym owners do a terrible job of and that is to listen.  To listen to what members want and to make course corrections and changes based upon your feedback.  Afterall, you are the sole reason why we have a studio we call home in the first place.
That being said we are making a change to our FitCamp Throwdown scheduled for next Saturday.  The purpose of this type of event is to bring all of us together to share in the common experience of accomplishing a set of challenges TOGETHER.  After speaking with a number of you on what this Throwdown means it has become apparent that the current format of the event has done the complete opposite of it’s intended purpose.  For that reason we are making the following changes to our throwdown plans:

Ultimate FitCamp TEAM Throwdown!

Saturday, October 16th

Teams:  Teams will be comprised of 3 members (male/female mix)

Events:  There will be 3 events each team will work together to accomplish.  The events will still be challenging but also made to be adventurous and fun.

Minimum requirements:  Full range body-weight squats to ball, pull-ups (1 band max) and 65lbs Female ground to overhead, 95lbs. Male ground to overhead (1 rep minimum).

Sign-ups/Team Assignment:  Sign-up on the studio whiteboard if you are 100% committed to attending the event for entire time.  Teams will be assigned and announced on Wednesday, October 13th a few days before the event.

Post Throwdown BBQ 3pm-?:  Join us after the event for good laughs and great food, Pot-luck style, a sign-up sheet will be posted on the board for food.

(A special thanks to Tristan for putting together the video compilation below of our last individual  Throwdown back on May 22, 2010).


MONDAY:  9.20.10

 Squat Clean 3RM x 5 on 2 Min

Squat Clean (135/95)
Ring Dip

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