Nick’s Coaching Corner – Why Shoes Are Bad?

There is a right and a wrong way to run. Think back to when you were a kid, or watch your child as they run, do you remember/notice anything? They run the way they are supposed to, no heel strike (when your heel hits the ground first), and they make it look easy. They pull their foot off the ground when they are supposed to, and land soft on almost any surface (even pavement), even if they are BAREFOOT!
Here is your challenge: go run a mile with your normal shoes on pavement. Then, after your first mile with the shoes, try to run without them that same mile! I bet you would change your running form a bit if you did not have that huge cushy surface at the heel to land on?
The point I am getting at is this; we are not meant to run with big clunky shoes! We are designed (biomechanically) to run barefoot, and the typical thicker heeled shoe design hinders us to run with proper form!

Nike Shox Turbo+ VI iD Running Shoe

This means that if you are running in a “normal” shoe, your body’s alignemnt is off, which can affect everything from your foot health to your back health. Shoes cause most of the overuse injuries that give running a bad wrap. Take the shoe away (gradually), and then proper running form is restored, decreasing the chance of injury, increasing your efficiency (how easy any given running speed is for you), and you have a more enjoyable experience with running!
A better option is to look for a shoe with a flat heel, something that has little support, and is just a protective layer for your foot.

By changing your shoes gradually over a period of time, and working on proper running form (, you can have a much more positive outlook on running, and the benefits you get from it!
Following up on last weeks note on signing up for a race…..did you? If not, save the date, November 21st is Slattery’s 5 mile road race!  We had a great turn out at the Miles for Myles 5k (20 FitCampers, great job everyone!), and I want even more there for this event. It is a great way to keep your run training going, by having and visualizing a goal….you crossing that finish line, with a ton of your FitCamp family there to cheer you on!
So come talk to one of of your FitCamp Trainers about how to sign-up for the race, and if you have any questions on proper running form, there are still 4 spots available in my POSE running workshop this Saturday at 10:30. 
May your running be safe and more natural,
Coach Nick