PALEO 101 with Tiff

There are 168 hours in a week. 

At most, you might spend 6 of those hours working out at the studio…

That leaves 162 hours left for you to make decisions about your health. 

What are you fueling your engine with?  Are you making conscious nutrition choices or basing food selection off of convenience?  80% of the results that you will see come from nutrition, so it will take more than just coming in for one hour a day for your workouts to be FIT.  Everyone has made great progress within the last year at the studio, making amazing athletic gains and achieving things they never thought possible- it is now time to dial in and add the nutrition component to our lives.
Over the next 9 weeks I will be stuffing you all with information on how to make the best nutrition choices for yourselves…after that…you guessed it… A CHALLENGE! 

Take advantage of my Friday blogs:

Shoot me questions -(Post under comments)- I’m sure you will not be the only one wondering the same things
Share recipes- the holidays are a great time to try new  healthy recipes to share with friends and family
Share your experiences
Tell me what you would like to learn more about!

Watch this short video as an introduction to the Paleo Diet. 


To learn more- Join me at my FREE Paleo Nutrition Seminar this Saturday November 20 @ 10:30am.

Hope to see you there!


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