Wow- this gets expensive! 

Ways to be conservative with your grocery budget.


I do have a big caveman to feed at my house...

Remembering my own experience learning how to shop, cook and eat paleo- I often spent more than the “usual” grocery bill at the beginning.  Over time I have learned there are many tips and tricks to shopping paleo on a more reasonable budget. 
Some of the biggest cost savers for me have been:

  • Shopping more than once a week:   at the beginning I would buy our produce for the whole week and would always end up with some of in the trash.  Shop more often and in smaller quantity.


  • Be selective with your store choice:  I have learned that certain stores have a better selection and price on particular items.  For instance, I will go to Trader Joes about once a month to stock up on things like almond butter, nuts, dried fruit, turkey bacon, olive oil and spices.  They are all non-perishable or freezable so they will last us the month.  Market basket has great prices on meats and we will often stock up our freezer once a month with their meat.  Hannaford is my favorite because of their organic/gluten free selection and their produce.  I make my regular trips there for my produce, baking needs, cage free eggs, coconut and almond milk. 


  • Prep food ASAP:  This goes back to not wasting the food you have purchased.  If you get busy and caught up in the weeks’ grind, you  might forget that you bought that fish to cook or asparagus to grill.  The sooner you prep the food, the more likely you will be to eat it and not have it go to waste.

I found a great post on Crossfit Southbay’s website that breaks down money saving tips by food group.  Read the article here: Crossfit Southbay Paleo Budget Saving Tips

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