Saturday 01.19.2019

Khun Saman died while diving through a flooded cave (Tham Luang) supplying air tanks to a group of 12 young students and their coach who were trapped 3.2 kilometers into the flooded cave. He successfully delivered the tanks, but died on the return dive on July 6.
Khun Saman was 38 years old, and volunteered for the mission to rescue the boys. The rescue involved dozens of people from many different countries, with a very dangerous and complex rescue into a flooded cave with extremely narrow passages.
All of the children and their coach were successfully rescued.


WOD: (Hero Wod “Saman”)
13 DLs (185/135)
17 WBs
400m Run
x 8 Rds
40min Cap
L1- 185/135, 20/14, 400m Run
L2- 135/95, 14/10, 300m Run
L3- 95/65, 10/6, 200m Run
* If weather says no run, 400m row, 20/15 cals on bike, or 20 burpees every round.