Saturday 11.16.13

Good Luck to everyone racing the Spartan Fenway Race Today!

Lydia & Joe making easy work of ring push ups.


Strength: None.

WOD: [Fine Tuning]

With a partner complete 3×8 min AMRAP
Rest 4 min between rounds

200M Run
Max HSPU (Or Strict DB Shoulder Press)

200M Run
Max Burpee

200M Run
Max Rope Climbs
*conversions= 2 half rope climbs or 3 sit to stand pulls

Compare to 5.29.13

Buy-Out:  Mobility Class w/ Jenn @ 10:30am.

Team Training:  Strength/ Goat work 8am-9am.  WOD w/ 9:15 class.

Post scores and comments below.

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