Saturday 11.19.11

Thanksgiving Week Schedule:
Mon/Tues: Normal AM/PM
Wed: Normal AM, No 6:30pm
Thurs: 8am and 9:15am Pre-Turkey WODs
Fri: 8am and 9:15am Post-Turkey WODs
Sat/Sun: Normal 9:15am both days

Fergie is getting leaner by the week and his lifts are going through the roof!


EXP Skill/Strength:
FGB Trial Run x 2
30 sec/station, 2 rounds
EXP Workout:
WOD: “Fight Gone Bad”
Wall Ball (14lb ball women/20lb men to a 10′ target)
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP) (55lb bar women/75lb men)
Box Jump (20″ box for all)
Push-Press (55lb bar women/75lb men)
Row (for calories/or sub Knees to Elbows if rower not available)
1 round = 1 minute per exercise, no rest for transition time during round, 1 minute rest after all 5 exercises completed.
Score rounds = total reps plus total calories/knees to elbows per round.
Score workout = total of 3 rounds.

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