Saturday 4.12.14

Have you ever though about hiring a 1×1 coach to help you reach your goals? Check out Coach Ryan's 1×1 specials for the month of April! 

1)Lock in at $40/session for life. 

2) Never had a 1×1 coach and want to see if it's for you? Sign up for a 30 minute hands on coaching session for $15 TOMORROW!

 Email [email protected] to schedule!



WOD: [ Marley ]

300M Tire Drag (45/25)
400m Farmers Carry (45/30)
50 Cal Row
60 Wall Balls (20/14)
X 2 Rounds

*Athletes can pick the place where they want to start, and pick order of wod movements, as long as they complete 1 round of everything before they move onto the second round of everything.

Team Training: Strength/Skill work 8-9am, WOD @ 9:15am

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