Saturday 5.28.11

“I used to think I knew what CrossFit was about.  I used to think I was  someone who was pretty in shape…  I think differently now.
I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.  That was clear from the start.  I’ve always loved sports and more recently in life I started to really like lifting.  So I looked at CrossFit EXP for just a little more variety in athletics and a competitive form of working out.  What I got, however, was a lot more.

If you’re on the outside looking in you might call me obsessed. But for those involved in CrossFit  this probably sounds normal… I check the website 100 times between 6pm and whenever the hell Patrick decides to put tomorrow’s workout up (WTF PAT!).  I check before everyday’s workout to see proper technique.   When I travel for work I bring the routine to my hotel rooms.  When I can’t find the time to get the gym I do it in my living room.  I didn’t just get a new hobby I got a new way of life. (I know this sounds cliché just deal with it)
It really is true though.   I get up earlier, I eat better, I work harder at my job, I’m overall more active, and just generally feel a little more content.  I have some abs now so the girlfriend is happy.  I dropped 6% body fat, lost over 12 pounds, (that I apparently didn’t know I had to lose) and 4 notches on my belt.  With all that trimming you’d expect I’d have lost some muscle… not the case.  My power lifts have all gone up HUGE.  I’m stronger than I’ve ever been… BY FAR.
It’s been a dramatic change for me in a pretty short amount of time.  For this I cannot take credit.  The credit belongs to the amazing people I work out with everyday who inspire me constantly.  I’ve never been in an environment as badass as ours.  This group of people in particular that have nested at CrossFit EXP are like NO OTHER.  And the trainers… let me just start a new paragraph here for these trainers…
These people are AMAZING! PERIOD.  Never have I seen personal trainers so interested in seeing each and  every one of their students improve.  They know my PRs (personal bests) better than I do.  They love their job… and it shows.
I work with people for a living. . I know people.  You can’t find a better group of them than you can find here at CrossFit EXP.  I guarantee you will find the training to be the best you’ve ever had, the people to be your favorites, and the experience to change your life.”
– Nate

Nate is always pushing his limits and constantly improving.


5 sets of Max HSPU’s on 2 minutes (if unable to do HSPU then work on kicking up, HS holds, bench/box version or strict BW push-ups).

50 Pull-ups
400m Run
21 Thrusters (95lb/65lb BB or 40/30lb DB)
800m Run
21 Thrusters
400m Run
50 Pull-ups

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