Thursday – 1.27.11

Today’s workout has a tricky move called a Hang Power Clean, please check out this video (Hang Power Clean Demo)  to study up! Here are a few points to notice when watching (and practicing) during today’s workout:
1) He is starting in a hang position, after he stands up tall, he then brings the bar to the top of his knees, and starts his pull from there.
2) He then gets full extension, in which his hips, knees and shoulders are fully extended before he even tries to bend his elbows to”pull” on the bar. (Other than connecting your body to the bar, your arms should have nothing to do with moving the barbell upward until after you come to full extension).
3) He then swings his elbows through until he is in a good “racked” position, with bar resting on shoulders, not in hands, elbows facing out, not down.
Lets see how your hangin’ today!
Coach Nick

Kelly, weight in heels, hips below knees, chest proud, eyes forward, perfect!

Today’s Workout
Skill:  Handstand Push-ups
12 Deadlifts (155/105)
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Presses
5 rounds
Paleo Challenge: Day 11
…CrossFit Leominsteer, North Central, Ultimate FitCamp