OPEN GYM: Today Noon-4:00pm

Now that you’ve had some time to shovel the driveway, clean off the car and have some play time with the kids it’s time to bundle up and head out to Ultimate FitCamp for OPEN GYM time today from noon-4:00pm.

The studio will be open between noon-4:00pm so start calling, texting, Facebooking or e-mailing your FitCamp friends to meet up and tackle today’s workout: “DT”

OPEN GYM time is uncoached so you will basically be on your own with today’s WOD.  You should feel confident in the movements posted or have a workout buddy you can shadow if you are newer to FitCamp.  Everything will be clearly posted on the whiteboard, a running clock will be set-up and you can come in at your convenience for a quick workout on your own or spend the entire afternoon “playing” at the studio.

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