Thursday 11.14.13

Upcoming Events at CF EXP:

Saturday Novemeber 15th – November 30th: Canned Food Drive to support Ginny's Food Pantry.


Saturday November 30th: 1/2 Marathon Row to support families in the Philippines affected by the Haiyan Typhoon.

Details: Entry fee= $20/person.  Donate online HERE or by cash or check the day of the event.

-Individuals row 13K starting at 7am (12 spots available)

-Teams of 4 row 13K starting at 9am (12 team spots available)

Follow the FaceBook Event Page HERE for more details!


Strength: Sumo DL

WOD: [ Ginny ]

15  min AMRAP:

10 Push Ups (Ring Dips, Ring/Toes, Toes/Knees)
150' Tire Drag (45/25)
20 KBS (70/53, 53/35, 44/26)


DB Complex: 3×10
Bench Press
Bent over Row

Team Training:  Level 1.

Post scores and comments below.

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