Thursday 4.14.11

Ashliegh B.


Strength: Squat Clean
3 sets TF [3-10 reps]
Workout: (scale as needed)

DB Squat Clean
50 Ft. Walking Lunge
50 Ft. Walking Lunge
25 min CAP


Studio Name
A few members asked a really great question about the new CrossFit EXP name I posted about yesterday and I wanted to make sure everyone gets the right answer.  They asked if we would be changing our studio name from Ultimate FitCamp to CrossFit EXP.  The answer to that question is still undecided. By becoming a CrossFit affiliate we will simply be joining a huge community of other studios similar in scope and practice to us. By doing so we will gain access to a number of resources, tools and people that will dramatically enhance the coaching, community and results you will experience as a member of the Ultimate FitCamp Training Studio.

Comp Team: – Please RSVP by Thursday 8pm letting us know if you will make it for Saturday 7am workout or not. E-mail Patrick to RSVP.
CrossFit EXP!: In case you haven’t noticed we made a name change for our CrossFit Affiliate and Games Comp team. We will now be known in the CrossFit community as…. drum roll please…. CrossFit EXP! You may have seen our temp logo at the top right hand corner of this page. This logo was needed so we could link to the main site at and we are in the process of creating a new brand and logo for our newly formed CrossFit affiliate.
What’s EXP? The origin of this name came about from the many members who have mentioned how the people, coaches, workouts and the total studio environment creates such an inspiring and unique experience compared to a traditional gym or health club. What separates us from the rest is the EXPerience we create from the moment you walk in, through each and every workout, to the moment you walk out of the studio. And that my friends is the low-down on CrossFit EXP!

*Be sure to check out our individual/team rankings for each of the workouts and learn more about the CrossFit Games Open.

It’s Party Time!
– The date has been set for Saturday, April 30th

Who’s Next?
– Cast your vote for the next Athlete of the Month. Post who and why to comments below. If you haven’t read about our April 2011 A.O.M. then Check out Kathy’s story…

Last Call!
– We have 3 hoodies left over from our winter orders if you would like to grab one while they last. We won’t be getting in any more until the fall and they are super comfy! If you would like to buy one of our few remaining in stock simply e-mail Dawn.

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