Thursday 4.24.14

What Are Your Core Muscles?

Many people mistakenly think that their “abs” or abdominal muscles are the only core muscles.In fact, the core muscle group includes all of the muscles that are located in your torso that keep the body stable and balanced.  It makes sense when you think about it; it takes many different muscles working together to keep your body well-aligned during different daily activities.

Your core muscles can be split into two types of muscles: stabilizers and movers.

  • The stabilizer muscles attach directly to the spine and support its movement. 
  • The movers are the muscles that support the stabilizer muscles and work with them to move your body. 

All of these muscles work together to support and move the body safely.  Core muscles provide a great base of support, allowing you to move your body to do everyday tasks and participate in physical activity. 

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 Power Clean 


WOD: [ 100 Burpees for time ]


(10 min cap)

Team Training: Follow class.

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