Thursday 4.28.11

Bill, at age 74 is doing bodyweight pull-ups, push-ups, HSPU's, burpees, pulled a 245lb deadlift x 5! and crushed Monday's 10,000lbs GTO workout. The best part is he's still working hard and constantly looking for new ways to raise his game. Keep up the great work Bill, you are an inspiration to us all!


Strength: Deadlift
4 Sets TF [3-10 reps]

Workout: (scale as needed)
25 KBS (70/53 lbs)
25 Burpees
3 rounds for time


DON’T FORGET! – The FitCamp Spring Party is this Saturday, April 30th. Please RSVP by signing up at the studio by the end of next week or e-mail Dawn for more details.

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