Thursday 4.3.14

This Saturday we will be honoring the 2 Boston Firefighters who lost their lives saving others.  Join us at 9:15 am Saturday to take on the Hero wod, Mike "Dork" Kennedy to honor these great men.

Congratulations March high achievers!  These members came 15+ times last month! Great job everyone!

 Kim   Meagan  Kristen  Amanda
 Jill  Natasha  Chris  Paul
 Sadie  Jason  Adria  Theresa
 Charles  Ashleigh  Abby  Kathleen
 Kaitlin  Melissa  Sarah  Eric
 Kevin  Matt  Kendra  
 Mika  Adam  Chris  
 Renee  Lisa  Amanda  



April is marathon month!

In honor of this year's Boston Marathon, our April challenge is going to be to Run 1 Mile per Day for 26 days! We encourage you to run as your warm up before class or as an active recovery on your off days.  At the gym, it is 5 laps to a mile.  Get those names up on the white board to participate!  


STRENGTH:  FS 10.10.10.

WOD: [ Freedom ]

15 Push Up
15 MB Russian Twists (/sd)
15 Wall Balls
x 5 rds

L1: 20/14 to 10'
L2: 20/14 to 9'
L3: 14/10 to 8'

12 min cap

Buy-Out: Yoke Carry 50' x3-5 sets for max load

Team Training: Sub 10 Dips or 15 Ring Push Ups

Post in comments below.



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