Wednesday 4.2.14

April is marathon month!

 In honor of this year's Boston Marathon, our April challenge is going to be to Run 1 Mile per Day for 26 days! We encourage you to run as your warm up before class or as an active recovery on your off days.  At the gym, it is 5 laps to a mile.  

Get those names up on the white board to participate!  

We are extremely proud of Coach Matt and the Nashoba guys for being the one and only High School Affiliate to compete in the 2014 CrossFit Opens!  Job well done buy these 3 guys and their amazing coach!  As an extra bonus, their article was feature on the GAMES website!  How cool is that! Be sure to check out the article and share the love for these great guys!

“It looked like more fun than track, and it was. It gave me a chance to still be competitive while getting more fit. I love it.” ~Cody Jardine



WOD: [ Couverture ]

In Teams of 2 complete:

10 (laps)- 150' tire drag (45/25)
5 (laps)- 150' OH walking Lunge (45/25)
10- 200m sandbag runs (50/30)
100 Pull Ups

Buy-Out: Group Mobility

Team Training: Active recovery day

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