Thursday 5.1.14

Welcome to MOBILITY MAY!

Here's this month's challenge…. 

Day 1: 1 minute mobility squat

Day 2: N+1 minute mobility squat

Day 3: N+2 minute mobility squat…etc, to Day 31!

Why should you accept this challenge? We should all know by now the benefits of the squat position:

  • Improved ankle, knee, hip flexibility
  • Digestion
  • Spinal decompression…the list goes on!

In many countries around the world, this is a basic human resting position. Watch a two year old for a little while; kids will often use this position as rest without ever being shown to do it by their parents. This position is in our DNA. Unfortunately, in most of the western world, it is socially unacceptable to “pop a squat” in public and therefore many people lose the ability to sit in the squat comfortably or at all.  Let's change that my spending more time in our perfect squat position!

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A word of advise to you all:

For now you are all dedicated and focused, but its going to slowly become more of a struggle to keep the habit going. 
One thing that will really help is not approaching the squatting as 'Training'. 

Instead of scheduling a session of squatting, – squat EVERYWHERE – when waiting for the bus, talking on the phone, on the street, on top of a chair in a coffee shop, on the edge of a fence, etc, etc – 

This kind of a habit is superior to doing a session – from a variety of reasons:

  • It is interlaced into your lifestyle. No need to 'implement' the squat, its already being USED as a resting position.
  • It is spread throughout the day and sends a very strong adaptation inducing signal to your system – KEEP THE JOINTS OPEN AND READY TO SQUAT – AT ALL TIME.
  • It is cooler and will start some interesting conversations with people around you. (courtesy of Ido Portal)

3.2.1…..Squat away!



OHS (12min)
Snatch (10min)

WOD: [ Death by Power Cleans  ]

Start at min 5 


Team Training: Follow class.

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