Friday 5.2.14

4pm patiently waiting for their partners holding wall sits!

The yoke walk is an old exercise and one of the most contested strongman carrying events beyond maybe the farmers walk.  The yoke carry is a great overall body and torso strength test for any athlete.  The yoke or sometimes called the super yoke carry and is a very unique and special exercise with regard to its ability to assist in developing maximal strength gains.  The yoke walk unlike most traditional strength exercises challenges the torso musculature to a higher degree, which aids in overall strength development that can be carried over to traditional compound exercises.

When we coach traditional compound movements (squat, deadlift, press, bench press, pulls) tension and torso rigidity is always discussed with high importance as most people misunderstand or are unable to create proper levels of tension, which limits loads lifted. Creating proper tension is done by utilization of breath control, musculature contraction, scapular position, etc. – all these components are part of creating and being able to utilize proper posterior tension to avoid flexion or torque about the frontal plane.  The research conducted on yoke carries showed higher levels of contraction and utilization of the torso musculature, which will allow for better and higher levels of strength development about the back and torso, which can then be used to develop higher levels of strength in traditional movement patterns (squats and deadlifts).  

At the end of the day the take home message here is that strongman exercises, especially yoke walks have an excellent carry over effect on "core" strength ability to transfer to all other movements done in the gym, incorporation of the yoke carry is a benefit to all strength sport athletes. (Read more at


STRENGTH: Static Yoke Hold x 30sec SS w/ Max L sit x 5 sets

WOD: [ Masters Event 4 ]

100 Pull-ups
100 Wall Balls

L1: 20# to 10'/ 14# to 9'

L2: 14# to 10'/ 10# 10 9'

L3: 14# to 9'/ 10# to 8'

Team Training: Yoke Carry 50' max wt

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