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Thursday 7.25.13


Thursday 7.25.13

The CrossFit Games are under way! Check out tons of Media coverage including live feeds through ESPN on the CrossFit Games Website.

We will be moving our Grill N Chill this week to SUNDAY 5-8pm where we will be streaming the CF Games finals LIVE from the gym! Hope to see you there!



Strength:  Deadlift

Gymnastics/Olympic Lift:  Dip 5x 80%

Perform the DL/Dip SS on 3 min x 5 sets

WOD: [ Helen ]

3 Rds:

400m Run
21 KBS (53/35)
12 Pull Ups

Choose: A, B OR C
A) accumulate 10 (as few sets as possible) Skin the Cats
B) accumulate 10 (as few sets as possible) Hanging ball ups
C) 3×10 Band Lat pull downs

SS w/ 3×20 arch body

Competitor’s Notes: Bar Muscle (1-3) Ups OTM x 10. “Helen” Get after it, leaderboard day!

Post scores to comment box below.