Thursday 7.25.13

The CrossFit Games are under way! Check out tons of Media coverage including live feeds through ESPN on the CrossFit Games Website.
We will be moving our Grill N Chill this week to SUNDAY 5-8pm where we will be streaming the CF Games finals LIVE from the gym! Hope to see you there!

Strength:  Deadlift
Gymnastics/Olympic Lift:  Dip 5x 80%
Perform the DL/Dip SS on 3 min x 5 sets
WOD: [ Helen ]
3 Rds:
400m Run
21 KBS (53/35)
12 Pull Ups
Choose: A, B OR C
A) accumulate 10 (as few sets as possible) Skin the Cats
B) accumulate 10 (as few sets as possible) Hanging ball ups
C) 3×10 Band Lat pull downs
SS w/ 3×20 arch body
Competitor’s Notes: Bar Muscle (1-3) Ups OTM x 10. “Helen” Get after it, leaderboard day!
Post scores to comment box below.


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