Thursday 8.21.14

Have you heard of the sports newest addition…THE GRID? 

Welcome to Grid, the world’s first true co-ed spectator sport. The action you’ll see is fast and exciting, showcasing the speed, agility and strength of athletes combined with elements of strategy. While the sport itself is easy to follow — two teams go head to head in 11 races progressing across the four quadrants of the grid.

  • There are eight teams in the inaugural season of the NPGL, and every team has a roster of 20 athletes — 10 men and 10 women. However, only five men and five women can be selected to start a match, one each of who must be a 40+ athlete. Three men and three women are kept in reserve for any given match, but they can be used to replace an active athlete in rare circumstances, such as injury. That leaves four athletes on every team completely inactive in any given match.
  • Not only does Grid feature men and women competing side by side, but also players of a wider span of ages. While older athletes might find it difficult to compete alone in functional fitness against younger rivals, Grid races are short in duration, and the ability to substitute allows 40+ athletes to compete on par with anybody.
  • Teamwork and strategy also are paramount for every Grid team. With substitutions happening at any time, key are on-the-fly communication, as well as constant all-out effort. The ability to substitute at will is a unique feature of the sport. Every other major spectator sport requires a break in the action to swap players on the field. In Grid, when one athlete gets tired or slows down, he or she simply can run off and be replaced by a teammate. Because of this feature, athletes should always be working at near maximal speeds at whatever is called for in a given race.
  • Short-term fatigue is easily mitigated by rest periods afforded from proper substitutions, which again highlights the importance of coaching and strategy. Races are only 4 to 8 minutes in length, which should give every athlete ample time to recover, so long as coaches employ the right strategy regarding subs.
  • Grid also is a sport that does not punish specialists. In fact, they are celebrated with strengths in certain movements or abilities and are given a forum to truly shine. A small bodyweight expert could prove just as valuable as the strongest barbell athlete. These two disparate athletes in type could provide the same value to a team, even as it’s likely they will never perform the same elements and their repetitions in competition could vary vastly. Who is to say that 30 burpees are better or worse than four or five repetitions of a heavy barbell movement if both typically take the same amount of time to complete?  

Our hometown team BOSTON IRON competes for the first time this coming weekend and the team features local athlete Jessa Lemoine! 

When: Sunday August 24th 2:00pm

Where: Tsongas Center

EXP has 5 FREE tickets to this event!  We also have a coupon code for 20% off after those 5 tickets have been claimed.  To claim your FREE ticket, email [email protected] by Friday at the latest.



DB Step up 5/side
Strict KTE/ Bench Roll-ups 5-8/ set

WOD: [ Ape ]

15 TTB
200m Run
x 5 rds

Team Training: 

BB Wt. Step-ups/ Strict TTB
WOD: every break of TTB set= 5 burpees after wod.

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