Thursday 9.1.11 – Mobility 101

Mobility is a term we use around the studio just about every class. If you are new to CFEXP or are unfamiliar with the term then you may be wondering what gives. When using the word Mobility we are referring to the range of motion, flexibility and health of any given joint in the body, (i.e. Ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow wrist…). Performing any given exercise optimally requires a number of things, strength being the most commonly thought of. But you can have all the raw power and strength in the world and still struggle with certain movements (i.e. Overhead Squats anybody??). Without good joint mobility then regardless of how many times you try to perform a lift or reach a new PR you are not going to get there, at least safely that is. When it comes to finding success in any lift the most important element is your positioning (the position of your joints, muscles and overall body before, during and after the lift). Without good mobility then optimal positioning is next to impossible.
If you have poor joint mobility in any area (and we all do) this not only hinders performance but it also sets you up for injury. Start paying closer attention to the areas that feel tight when you are performing certain movements in class and start to think about those exercises you struggle with getting the hang of no matter how hard you’ve been trying. Once you have some ideas of what needs work (better mobility) then it’s time to get to work.

  • First, talk to one of your EXP coaches to come up with a plan to address those tight areas or frustrating exercises. (Every plan should include at least 10-15 minutes of mobility work daily. Not just EXP days but EVERY day, at home or at the studio).
  • Become a student by starting to read and research on your specific issues. The best resource out there for all of us at CrossFit EXP is Each day the blog’s author (Kelly Starrett, aka. “K-Star”) does a quick 5-10 min video on different areas. (don’t worry if you get lost with some of the terms he uses, that’s why you have the best coaching ever (who love to talk mobility) right at your fingertips… ask us, we’re here to help!)
  • Show up early for class or stay late and put in that extra 10-15 min before/after each class working on your body’s specific issues.
  • We have a variety of mobility tools at the studio (balls, rollers, bands, trigger point kits etc.) so go ahead and experiment to find what works best for you. If you try something that doesn’t produce a better result (either increased range of motion, better performance or simply just feeling better) then try something else, a different tool maybe or a different technique.

You’ll be amazed at how much you will learn about your body and how great you will feel after working out the kinks. Mobility is a HUGE component of what we do at CrossFit EXP and it is the secret ingredient to increased health, performance and vitality. If you’re ready to start living, feeling and performing better here at CrossFit EXP and in the rest of your life then it’s time to Mobilize!
(Here is a great video from K-Star’s focused on something I’ve seen a number of people struggle with, poor shoulder and wrist mobility and difficulty achieving a solid front rack position. Check it out and post a comment below to let me know what you think??)


EXP Strength:
LB Back Squat 5 x 3Rm

EXP Workout:
WOD 1: “Nicole”

400m Run
Max Reps Pull-ups
20 min AMRAP

WOD 2: “Buy Out”

10 min of Mobility: pick 3 mobility exercises/drills to work on for 10 minutes.

Saturday September 10th: RootsFest & CrossFit EXP Comp Team EXPO!
Our neighbors over at Roots Natural Foods will be hosting their annual “RootsFest” from 10am-3pm. They will have fun family friendly activities, health and fitness classes, live music and a FREE Organic & Natural BBQ from 12-1:30pm.
During RootsFest our comp team will also be hosting a CrossFit EXP Exhibition with numerous workouts throughout the morning and afternoon. The goal of this EXPO is to create an open and inviting studio atmosphere where people can come in and watch EXP athletes in action and learn more about what CrossFit EXP is all about. We would love to have a huge showing of EXP members and athletes during the day so bring the family and a few friends and listen to live music, grab some healthy food and watch our CrossFit EXP comp team in action.
We are also looking for a few volunteers for the day, if interested please e-mail Patrick

Post scores and comments below. If you are logging your CrossFit EXP WOD’s using Facebook app below and want to see how you did last time we did this WOD then use the search tool on the bottom left hand column. Search for “WOD Name” and you will pull up all previous records for this WOD.

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