Thursday 9.4.14


We are constantly amazing at our 40+ masters athletes and to show off their accomplishments, we are making an exciting change to our EXP Leaderboard system!  Top 5 "young-in" athlete's scores will be sorted and top 5 "masters" athletes scores will be sorted for each gender on each and every leaderboard!  This starts TODAY!  You will see that the leaderboard is not split down the middle and has a designated section for masters athletes so lets fill it up and get some new names on those boards!

We had some AWESOME PR's in the month of August- Here's a snap shot of some of the great accomplishments at EXP!

Taylor B- 335 DL, 205 Clean

Gerry- 35 DL

Eric- 10:08 Helen

Bethany- 225 DL

Kim L- 225 DL

Alexiss- 235 DL

Olivia S- 105 Clean

Amy S- 205 Sumo DL


Saturday 9/6- CrossFit EXP's 2K for Kare Kits

Sunday 9/7- CF 2A Comp & Kylee's Kare Kits 5K Road Race

Saturday 10/25- 2014 CrossFit EXP Barbells for Boobs!-Learn more on on Facebook event page!



Bench Press

WOD: [ Stone Cold ]

10 Stone to Shoulders
20 KTE
30 Hollow Rocks
40 KB Upright Rows
200m run

x 2 Rds (15 min cap)
Team Training: Work on 5×1 snatch balance singles pre or post WOD

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