TUESDAY 3.17.15


STRENGTH: Power Snatch 3 OTMEM x 10min

WOD: [ Twilight ]

10 Pull-ups
20 HR Push-ups
30 KB Swings
40 AbMat Sit-ups

4 Min CAP
L1: C2B Pull-ups, 70/53lb KB
L2: BW Pull-ups, 70/44lb KB
L3: Banded Strict Pull-ups, 53/35lb KB

Fine Print:
Choose scaling options so you are not hung up on any one exercise and can transition quickly through each round. Starting with Pull-ups sprint through round as quickly as possible aiming to finish before the 4min CAP. Rest 1 minute then repeat starting back at the beginning for a total of 3 rounds. Record times you finish each round. Finish a round early and get a little extra rest. Enjoy!

Post scores in comments below.


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