Tuesday 5.13.14

From the members:

"I'm the perfect example that anyone can 'do CrossFit'. It was so far out of my comfort zone I sat in the car and left the first time. Walking in the door and getting started was probably the hardest part (well except for burpees ha) I'm not going to say I always ran around the building but I did get around the building. My endurance and strength quickly started to build and I noticed a huge change at the studio as well as home. 

The coaches are beyond knowledgeable, helpful, upbeat and most of all patient …In a 'I'm going to help u reach your goal' kind of way. Finding ways, sometimes sneaky ways, to make the most out of my workout. Coaches go above and beyond and put 110 percent into each class. Exp welcomes everyone …..even preschool teachers who have not an athletic or competitive bone in their body ;).

After the first week I felt muscles I never knew I had. I saw results a lot sooner than i had planned. One of my favorite parts ….besides the snacks for sale in entry way ) was the stretching and mobility. I was under the impression before starting that this was not part of a crossfit workout. Wrong.  Not only did I feel stronger but more flexible as well. The support and encouragement from not only staff but the crossfit family is amazing. A perfect way to begin or end your day. Thank you to everyone at Crossfit Exp! " – Christy D.

Nick's elements class enjoying the nice weather!



Superset w/ Sumo DL

WOD: [ Diane ]


(15 min cap)

L1- 225/155, HSPU
L2-185/115, 1 abmat
L3-135/95, DB Sh. Press (35/20)

Team Training: Post WOD: Dip OTMEM 3-5 x 8min

Mobility May Squat Challenge: 13 minutes

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