Tuesday 5.27.14

What a GREAT weekend at CrossFit EXP! We are so proud to have such a supportive community!  With everyone's donations, we were able to raise $1000 for the Wounded Warrior Project.  If you would like to order a MURPH T-Shirt, please fill out the order form HERE.

If you've talked to any of the members who participated in coach Ryan's Oly Clinic, you probably hear how successful it was!  Coach Ryan is looking to host another awesome clinic.  Interested?  Complete his survey HERE so he can learn more about what YOU want!


STRENGTH: Back Squat
SS w/ 8-10 Vertical Ring Rows (20 min)

WOD: [ Helium ]

50' DB Lunge
10 Renegade Rows/Sd
x6 Rds (12 min cap)

L1- 45/30
L2- 35/20
L3- 20/12

Team Training: 55/40

Mobility Squat: 27 minutes

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