Wednesday 5.28.14

Summer is coming! Do you have a friend or family member who has been talking to you about wanting to try out CrossFit or Bootcamp? Here's the perfect opportunity for them! Five or Ten day punch pass to CrossFit and Bootcamp classes for just $29/$49! (Valid for new members only.)  These would also make a great gift for a friend!!  Check out the deal on Living Social below!

The guys: Jay, Brian & Matt

If you've talked to any of the members who participated in coach Ryan's Oly Clinic, you probably hear how successful it was!  Coach Ryan is looking to host another awesome clinic.  Interested?  Complete his survey HERE so he can learn more about what YOU want!



WOD: [ Partner Intervals ]

Run 1 mile x 2
Row 2k x 2

With 1 person working at a time complete the following core routine:
100 Russian Twists (L+R=1)
100 Bench Roll Ups
100 Bench Bicycles (L+R=1)

Team Training: Active recovery

Mobility Squat: 28 minutes

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