Tuesday 7.5.11

Kathy, Nick and Kris at Saturday's MWCC Triathlon. Kathy placed 3rd overall women and won her age group, Nick placed 10th overall and 2nd in his age group and Kris placed 2nd in her age group. Way to go team EXP!


1RM Squat Clean Thruster

WOD 1:  “Fran??? – Compare to 6.11.11

Thruster (95/65lb)
10 min CAP
WOD 2:
20 AbMat Sit-ups on every 2 min
5 Rounds
*AbMat Sit-up: In butterfly position, focus on keeping your hips glued to the floor as you roll back opening the rib cage and touching your shoulders to the floor behind you.  Exhale as you come forward, shortening the distance between your pelvis and ribs, crunch your abs as if trying to pull your belly button to your spine. Reach your hands through your legs and use your abs to pull your body forward until your shoulders pass your knees. Then repeat.

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