Wednesday 7.6.11

Member Feedback:
Since joining CrossFit EXP (formerly Ultimate FitCamp), I have experienced a myriad of things-pain, soreness, difficulty getting out of bed due to sore muscles, awareness of muscles in my body I didn’t even know I had, team spirit, and inspiration-and I am LOVING it.  I feel like I am DOING something.  The way the workouts are structured, you know you are going to push yourself to a limit you didn’t know you possessed, but when you are done, you feel fantastic.
I have spent, probably, thousands of dollars belonging to gyms where it was all up to me to go, to motivate myself, to push myself, and I hate to say, I wasted a lot of money.  This “group based” personal training works.  It’s not only the instructors-they are fabulous and take the time to help you with form, questions, or modifications if necessary; It’s the people at the gym that make it what it is.  Everyone is there for the same reason-self improvement and a healthier lifestyle-period.
Bill, the most recent athlete of the month got me there.  In addition to my sister Kathy (who was your first athlete of the month) and my niece Emily, it was Bill, a 73 year old man making the commitment to health and fitness that got me to join FitCamp.  He is truly an inspiration and I was glad to finally meet him.  I thought to myself, if a 73 year old man can do this, so can I.  In addition to that, the complete transformation my sister Kathy has made has truly been an inspiration.  So much so that my brother, his wife and one of his children have joined CrossFit gyms in their area, and have also transformed their bodies, but more importantly, their self image and attitudes about themselves, and fitness overall.
This is the first time in my life that I literally look forward to the pain and suffering that will help me achieve my goals of fitness via CrossFit. The people, the instructors, the attitudes, the camaraderie: That’s what makes it.  For example, I was the last one to finish, everyone was putting their stuff away, and they all took notice, cheered me on, supported me, and I finished the workout.  It was awesome, inspiring, and made me feel as though I was part of something fabulous.
I am so happy I joined.  I feel completely different about my body since I joined, and I have definitely seen changes in the short time I have been there. I will definitely keep coming back, because I want to continue to see the changes.  It is all positive, all momentum in the right direction.
– Tricia C.


5 x 5RM

300m Run (1 Lap)
20 Push-ups (HR)
10 Deadlifts (225/155lbs)
20 min AMRAP

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