Wednesday 1.5.11

Today’s FitCamp workout is pretty technically challenging but keep in mind there are scaled options for all three exercises as there are within any class.  So if you haven’t gotten HSPU’s or even heard of a muscle-up don’t sweat it.  There are great substitutions you are very familiar with for both of these that will get you a great workout and also help you build a great foundation for learning these advanced moves in the future if you choose so.  Here is a video of today’s workout as perscribed so you can get a good visual of the exercises and workout for today. (REMEMBER, most will NOT do this workout as perscribed and will be doing a combo of some scaled options so if you’re thinking of bagging class because of the workout think again and get your butt to class. :))

Strength: Push-Press/Push-Jerk
Complete 5 sets of either PP or PJ at the following reps per set, increasing weight with each set.
WOD: “Nate”
2 Muscle-ups*
4 Handstand Push-ups – HSPU’s**
8 Kettlebell Swings – KBS (70lbs/53lbs/36lbs)
20 min AMRAP
*Muscle-up scaling = 6 pull-ups and 6 dips
*HSPU scaling = full range body weight push-ups or incline push-ups