WEDNESDAY 10.13.10 – Old School

Every now and again it’s good to take a look back at how far we have come.  This is true in all areas of life but in this case as individuals, as a team and as a training studio.  It was just over 1 year ago that we opened the new studio at 100 Crawford Street.  Since then we have evolved into an incredible community of committed, focused and supportive fitness addicts.  Our programming is leaps an bounds above our old school workouts and results are apparent just by taking a look around the studio during any class time or glancing at the studio leaderboards.  Our member community has grown significantly with more and more people finding out that FitCamp is more than just another gym and great workout.  The studio is a place where friends are made, you feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment and you learn not only how to exercise but also how to eat healthy for the best results possible in and out of the studio.  As I think back about how far we have come in such a short time I imagine what the next year will bring for all of us. 
I’d love to hear your story of how far you’ve come either in the last year or since joining FitCamp.  Take a minute to share your thoughts and feeling on “how far you’ve come” by posting a comment below.  Include any changes in weight, sizes, PR’s, fitness, health, results, friends and more…
Today’s Workout:  Wednesday, 10.12.10
“Old School”  – This is a blast from the past of the workouts we used to do in FitCamp.  Fun to throw in there every now and again.
1. Vertical Row
2. Bosu Push-up
3. PB Curls
4. DB Shoulder Press
5. Lateral Step-overs
6. Hover
7. DB Curls
8. Wall Sit
9. Dips
10. Bicycles
1 Minutes per station, 3 rounds
*Post times and thoughts to comments


TEAMS are posted at the studio.  Be sure to coordinate with your team members and try to match colors and/or themes!  (Hands-off Pink speedos and tanks, Jared’s team has dibs).