Wednesday 10.15.14

Farewell Kidney Fundraiser for Kaitlin O'Connell, this Thursday Oct 16th, 6:00pm @ The Luxury Box! Come out to The Luxury Box and bid farewell to Kaitlin O'Connell's kidney as she gives the gift of life to a family in need! 

While teaching kindergarten, Kaitlin became familiar with a family who's father was in need of a kidney transplant. A husband with three young kids, fighting for his life and his family. While most people would find this heartbreaking, Kaitlin did more. She volunteered herself to go before doctors and through testing and was finally able to tell this family she would be their match! While we all applaud Kaitlin's selflessness, we also want to be there to support her through the process. She'll be undergoing surgery on October 21st and out for recovery for several weeks following. Let's come together and make sure Kaitlin doesn't have to worry about a thing as she gives the gift of life! 

Thank you to Kenny Ricker and The Luxury Box for hosting on behalf of Kaitlin and providing a great location, apps and more! Join us for drinks, fun raffles, live music from Danielle Lessard and most importantly, to rally around Kaitlin as we celebrate this amazing cause in honor of an even more amazing person!

**For those that would like to donate and won't be able to attend the fundraiser, please visit our GoFundMe page!

Kait & her Dad

Mark your calendars—> Upcoming Events:

Saturday Oct 18th: WOD for FA 9:15am @ CrossFit EXP

Sunday Oct 19th: Team Master's Comp 8am @ CF2A

Saturday Oct 25th: Barbells for Boobs 9:00am @ CrossFit EXP

Friday Oct 31st: Halloween Costume Party 6:30pm @ CrossFit EXP



WOD: [ Water in the Boat ]

With a partner
800m run each
1000m row each
x 2 rounds

Between each set, resting partner has to perform 30 hollow rocks
(40 min cap)

Team Training: Active recovery day.

Post scores in comments below.



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