WEDNESDAY 12.1.10 – Our Playground

Often times at the studio we talk about FitCamp being like an adult playground. For many of us it’s been many years since we did a handstand or swung on a bar. For many children that kind of play is second nature, we take them to the playground and they instinctively know what to do. That kind of play is so valuable to our children’ s physical development and they don’t even consider it exercise but we all know very well that it is indeed exercise. Many children are in team sports or spend time playing on the Wii, which is great, but why not simplify things and challenge them to a workout at the playground before it gets too cold.  See how many knees to elbows they can do or how long they can hold an L-Sit, they will love it no matter who wins.
Karen 🙂

Chair holds all day long!

Mobility Squats with a smile!

Garrett working on pull-ups

Don't forget to have fun!!

When the weather doesn’t cooperate…come try FitCamp for kids any Tuesday or Thursday @ 4:00pm (Ages 5-12) or Wednesday @ 10:30am (Ages 3-5), just call the studio at 978-537-4200 and RSVP.

WEDNESDAY – 12.1.10
“FitCamp POKER”
Box Jumps
Knees to Elbows
KB Snatch
Jokers = 40 Mt. Climbers