Wednesday 12.18.13

Addy during Monday's power snatches.



Strength: None.

WOD: [ Kick'n It Old School ]

With a partner complete the following. 1 Partner rows while the other partner complete 1 round of a complex, they then switch.  Each partner completes 2 rounds/complex and then you move on to the next task.

Leg Crankers x2 Rds
Ab 40 x2 Rds
PB Triple Threat x2 Rds
Ultimate Abs x2Rds

Buy-Out:  Mobility.

Team Training: Easy Cardio- sweat for 15-20 min.  30 min mobility.  Optional goat Work- ex: muscle-up transitions.  Keep the reps low and the weight light.  This is a day just to practice good muscle memory and groove movement patterns.

Post scores and comments below.

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