Wednesday 4.20.11



Workout: (scale as needed)

“Partnered SuperSets”

1. Vertical Row x 10/Burpee x10 – 6 min AMRAP
2. 250 m Row/ 25 Sit-ups – 6 min AMRAP
3. KB SDHP x 10/MB Slam x 10 – 6 min AMRAP

Core: F2B/K2E
With partner, each will complete 4 sets of strict F2B/K2E x 10-15 reps, only 1 person works at a time.


It’s Party Time! FitCamp Spring Party! The date has been set for Saturday, April 30th.

Who’s Next?
Cast your vote for the next Athlete of the Month. Post who and why to comments below. If you haven’t read about our April 2011 A.O.M. then Check out Kathy’s story…

Last Call!
We have 3 hoodies left over from our winter orders if you would like to grab one while they last. We won’t be getting in any more until the fall and they are super comfy! If you would like to buy one of our few remaining in stock simply e-mail Dawn.

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