Wednesday 4.9.14

From the members:

"I feel better at 50 then I did at 30!! Crossfit has changed my life in so many different ways!! All my life I have been a gym rat..working with the same machines..same weights..never really challenging myself..When I joined Crossfit EXP, I found a whole new world of fitness! Not only am I stronger, I have more energy, more confidence in myself, and more importantly, feel great!! Each and every workout is challenging, yet modified to whatever level you can achieve! The coaches are fantastic!! Their consistency in their training is what makes Crossfit EXP stand out! Their different styles of teaching, compliment each other perfectly! They focus on you as an individual, helping you to get the most out of your workout, achieve your goals, and most of all, help better your overall health! You can walk into any class at EXP and feel welcomed! My only regret is I wish I started sooner!!" -Brenda M

Kathy & Brenda

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WOD: [ Shredder ]

With a partner, complete the following 5 min stations, one person working at a time:

Row (Calories)
Prowler Push
Battling Ropes
Air Dye

Rest 2 min between stations

Team Training: Active Recovery Day

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