Wednesday 5.7.14

From the members:

"I cant say enough about CrossFit EXP! I've been a member since June 2011and LOVE IT!!!The coaches are great ,and experienced! Which is very important when choosing at cf box! If you have any problems with anything they are always willing to take time and help. The relationships you make with other people is priceless. No one is there to judging you, just there to encourage you too do your best!!! Time to make a change in your life??? Give CrossFit Exp a try and you can thank me later." -Lorie L




WOD: [ Unit ]

In a Team of 3, complete 2 Rounds of the following:

1 partner completes a 300m Tire Drag (45/25)
While the remaining partners accumulate max reps of the following:
Calorie Row

Switch until each partner has completed 2 tires drag.

Score….get ready for some nerdy math…
Total reps (Burpees + Calories on the rower)/ Total time in minutes= Total units of work per minute

Team Training: Active recovery day

Mobility May Squat Challenge: 7 minutes

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