Wednesday 8.17.11 – The Garage Games

Attention all EXP Athletes! It’s time to step up and put our training and fitness to the test. This fall on September 24-25th the Garage Games New England Firebreather Festival will be held at CrossFit New England in Natick. This 2-day event will be a great goal for all of us to focus on and prepare for over the coming weeks. If you are even slightly interested in competing and being a part of an amazing experience then there is no better way to get involved than to just take the plunge and sign-up. As coach Brian said in an e-mail last week “you don’t want to be a spectator watching with regret wishing you signed up”.  To date we already have 10+ EXP members who have registered for either the Rx or scaled divisions. Here are the details and fitness criteria for the event… Let’s do this!
Garage Games Info:
The North East Garage Games is a three event series that will be held this fall at CFNE, Crossfit Milford in CT, and CrossFit Southie.  You can sign up for one event or compete in all three.
When. September 24-25 (all day saturday, should be done earlier on sunday)
Where.  CrossFit New England
What.  2 Division (Scaled and RX), everyone does 4 wods (3 saturday + 1 sunday).  The top 6 men and women will compete in a fifth and final wod.
Who.  Men and women of all ages.  Currently there are 149 athletes signed up, already more than last year’s Beast of the East Competition.
How.  Sign up here .  Registration closes September 12, or at 250 athletes, which ever comes first.
Info on the divisions…
If you are trying to decide which division to sign up for use these guidelines.
RX Divison should be able to power clean (155, 105) for reps.
Scaled Division should be able to power clean (115, 80) for reps.
Don’t worry about the skill movements (pistols, double unders, etc…) or gymnastics movements (handstand push ups, muscle ups, pull ups, etc…).  I’m not saying these won’t be a part of the competition, but if you use the “Power Clean??? guidelines and you will find yourself in the correct division.
Scoring and WODS. The scoring system and the first 3 wods will be announce 1 week before the event.  The Sunday events will be announce during the event.

Jeff St. Laurent getting creative with his Overhead Squats at the beach


EXP Strength:
Push-Press 5 x 3RM

EXP Workout:
WOD: “Avatar”

10 DB Push-press (45/30lbs)
20 DB Lunges (45/30lbs)
15 Ring Dips
30 Ab Mat Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
40 D-unders
20 min AMRAP

Post scores and comments below. If you are logging your CrossFit EXP WOD’s using Facebook app below and want to see how you did last time we did this WOD then use the search tool on the bottom left hand column. Search for “WOD Name” and you will pull up all previous records for this WOD.