Wednesday 9.18.13

Do you ever take naps? Ever wonder how long is actually beneficial to our bodies?

A clip from Jon Gilson’s article on Scaling for WODS:
“The successful implementation of scaling demands a simple recognition: there are an infinite number of weights that can be loaded on a barbell, and every one must be removed from ego and firmly affixed to power. When this mental shift occurs, we’ll get more powerful athletes, guaranteed.”
Read the rest of this great article HERE.


Strength: none.
WOD: [ Freeze ]
With a partner, complete the following, each as a 6 min AMRAP with a 2 min rest between.
Hover/ max Stone to Shoulder
Hollow hold/ max Pull-ups
Hang-chair/ max Burpees
*can only make progress when one person is in static position
Buy-Out: Mobility
Team Training: 15-30 min light cardio. 3-5 sets of 20 pull-ups unbroken, rest as needed. 30-45 min mobility. Optional goat work- keep it light and drill in good movement patterns
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