Daily Dose: January 21, 2010


Lonna taking a quick break in between jumping pull-ups

So far there have been mixed reviews on the FitCamp Daily Dose.  I’ve heard everything from “OMG, if I knew what we were doing everyday I would never show up” to… “I love being able to know what we are doing ahead of time so I can visualize myself succeeding during the workout.”  Regardless of what you feel please keep this in mind.  If you are coming to FitCamp it is because you believe in living a fit and healthy lifestyle.  You believe in challenging yourself to achieve higher levels of fitness and want to be healthier, feel better and look your best.  You are not like all those people who neglect their body, eat like crap and would rather sit on the couch watching the tele wolfing down bon-bons.  You are not like 90% of Americans who think that watching TV or reading a magazine while walking on the treadmill is a real workout.  You do not come to FitCamp to take it easy.  You come to do the things you would never do on your own.  You come to sweat, to burn and to grimmace, and when you can take no more you convince yourself to try for just one more rep.  So, if you like the Daily Dose and want to know what you’re in for each day then visit this site, read the e-mails and stare workouts like “Fran”, “Cindy”, “Fight Gone Bad” and “300” right in the face and say “bring it on!”.  If you don’t want to know then simply show up and be ready to give every workout all you’ve got.  Because either way that is what it takes to LIVE FIT!
Today’s Workout: (not including warm-up, strength/skill sets, core/cardio and cool-down)
FitCamp Retro
Teams of 2 complete the following 10 exercises in order for 1 minute per station for 3 complete rounds. OH Squat, Cross-Over Push-up, Jump-Rope, MB Clean, Catepillar, Bicep Curl, KB Swing, DB Sumo Punches, Rower (Jason’s new favorite exercise), PB Leg curls, REST. 
Nutri-Tip:  Here’s one for all you Challenge participants looking for some new healthy food options.  Tiffany just typed out a great list of “Paleo” recipes that look scrumptous (spelling?).  Check them out here.  (Thanks Tiff!)
Motivation Station:  (aka Patrick’s rant) I think I already took care of this section above.
›  Still a few spots left in Nick’s POSE Running Clinic this Saturday, January 23rd from 10-1pm.  To learn more and to register contact [email protected]
›  Challenge mid-point weigh-ins this Saturday from 8am-10am.  If you would like to see where you stand after 2 weeks of eating Paleo then stop in for a quick weight check and to touch bases with us!