FitCamp Studio Updates

Hello my Fellow FitCampers! 
Let me be the first to say that spring is only 32 days away.  Before you know it we will be soaking up the sun’s rays wearing shorts and tanks as we do laps around the studio showing off all those hard earned muscles built during the winter months.  Horay! 
(… think of the jump start you have to be “bikini/six-pack ready” over all those people who slacked off all winter!)
With the changing of seasons coming up soon I wanted to fill you in on some really exciting changes we also have coming up at the studio over the next few months.
NEW WEEKEND CLASSES!  Last Saturday’s 9:15am class proves that weekend classes are definately in high demand.  That being said, we plan on adding in a few more Saturday/Sunday classes by the end of March/early April.  This will not only give you more options for making up missed classes during the workweek but will also give you the option for a 7-day training schedule at the studio.
(…now’s a good time to cancel that gym membership you never use!)
NEW INSTRUCTORS!  You may already know Jared and Brian as members (if not, here they are in the pic below) but over the next few weeks you will be getting to know them in a much different way.  This weekend they will each be going through their CrossFit Level I certification and over the following few weeks their FitCamp Instructor Development Program.  (Yeeeha!)
You may be seeing them on the sidelines taking notes, working with Nick, Tiff or myself shadowing classes and team teaching starting this week.  Please make a point to introduce yourself to them, ask them questions and even give them a quick congratualtions in passing, they have worked really hard to become the athletes they have become and will make great additions to the FitCamp Instructor team.
NEW MEMBERS!  If you’ve been a member for more than a few months you have probably seen lots of new faces around the studio.  More and more people are starting to realize that traditional gyms and healthclubs filled with robotic machines and boring cardio equipment pales in comparison to the kind of workout you get in FitCamp.  We always want new members to feel welcome and that they are a part of more than just a place to workout so if you see someone you don’t know yet then be sure to take a minute to say hello and introduce yourself.
REFERRAL PROGRAM!  As always we greatly appreciate all the referrals you have brought into the studio during the past few months (and years).  A quick story… just the other night a new member handed me 4 FitCash coupons that she had earned in just one months time which saved her $100 off her next months membership.  Here’s my point, don’t keep FitCamp a secret, if you have any friends or family you think would like to come in for a free intro or join as a member be sure to tell thm about FitCamp and you can start earning some FitCash for yourself.
That’s all for now, until Spring!

Jared & Brian

Today’s Workout:
Strength:  Power Clean
5 x 5RM
Workout: “Triple Trouble”
Power Clean (135/95)
Toes to Bar
21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3
WOD 2: Core Superset
15 Good Mornings
15 V-ups
3 rounds
Paleo Challenge:  Day 30

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