Wednesday 2.16.11

I came across this video last night (courtesy of CrossFit) and it reminded me of how fit our studio girls are becoming.  Not a single day goes by that I don’t witness or hear about another amazing transformation or success story.  Yesterday I saw Kathy A. in the 4pm class and I was amazed at how ripped she looks and how her performance in class is sky-rocketing.  After a quick compliment on how lean and strong she looks she told me that 2 people just said the same thing to her only minutes before I did.  Even Kathy herslf was in awe at how great she feels.  Michelle B. has been a member for less than 2 months and just last week I saw her repping out overhead squats like nothin’.  She told me after class that she can’t believe how great she feels and that things are really starting to click.  Lydia has been working her butt off and is now one of our top women for double unders, pull-ups, sit-ups and now “Angie”.  Melissa L. came into the studio last week and pulled a 275lb deadlift to take first on the women’s leaderboard! (that’s friggin’ ridiculous weight) and only hours latter Lindsey wanted her place back and decided to go for 300lbs and pulled it up no problem.  I know this is a short list and there are many more of you out there but I wanted to let all you FitCamp girls know how incredibly amazing you all are and how proud we are as a studio to have you put it all out on the floor and represent each and every day.  Just imagine going back to where you were before starting FitCamp/CrossFit.  Working out at the gym going from machine to machine and getting nowhere with your results.  Think of how much has changed not only physically but also of your understanding of truly what it means to be a fit woman.  Here’s to all you girls at Ultimate FitCamp and at CrossFit studios worldwide who are changing the face of fitness!


Today’s Workout:
Skill: 1 RM Box Jump
Workout:  “Basic Training”
10 Box Jumps (30″/24″)
20 DB Renegade Rows (45lb/30lb)(10/arm)
30 Sec L-sit Hold (cummulative)
40 Double Unders
50 BW Lunge Steps (bodyweight 25/leg)
60 Sec Hover (cummulative)
30 min AMRAP
Paleo Challenge:  Day 31