FRIDAY 10.22.10

Peter, Nick and Dave Pushing the Limits

FRIDAY – 10.22.10
Front Squat
Skill: 10 x 5
“Heavy FRAN” – The goal of this workout is to challenge yourself by choosing harder options than you do during traditional Fran.  So if you typically do Fran Rx with 95/65lbs then scale up to 115/95.  If you use less than Rx then try to get as close to Rx as you can and muscle thru it.  Same goes for pull-ups.  If you use say 2 bands, go to 1 and 1/2 or 1.  If you use 1 then go to 1/2 of no band.  If you kip or butterfly then do strict or weighted.  The overall goal is to go heavy so today is a great day to challenge yourself with a few more lbs. or a tougher option.  This will likely feel less intense than traditional Fran due to forced rests because of heavier/harder versions so don’t stress this one, just show up and give it your all.  This will really help improve your regular Fran time.
Thrusters (115/95/65)
Pull-ups (no Kip/Butterfly)
30 min CAP
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