Friday 4.26.13

Member Testimonial:
“Motivation has always been my biggest hurdle when trying to reach a fitness goal. While at a traditional gym it was easy to make excuses during a workout or for not going to the gym at all. During my 6 week start up program at EXP I have not only been motivated to workout but to push myself beyond limits I knew I had. The thought of using a pull-up bar brought me back to embarrassing days of elementary gym class. And now after only a few short weeks (while I still can’t do a strict pull up) I am comfortable with my modified/strengthening workouts and have a new fitness goal I would have never else made. It is assumed that fitness instructors will be motivating during a class- CrossFit goes above and beyond those expectations. For a short while during class it feels as if I have a personal trainer modifying the workout for my own personal needs and I am provided with encouragement and support throughout the workout. The thought of working out next to some amazing athletes seemed intimidating during my first workout. The members of EXP have been welcoming and supportive since day one. Along with the instructors- the members help and push each other during every workout. I was positive I was going to try the 6 week start up to get the kick start I need and move on. But I have learned that CrossFit is so much more than a gym and a place to workout. It is lifestyle. With this new level of fitness in my life- my clothes fit better and I feel amazing! I have new long and short term fitness goals and most importantly the confidence to pursue them! I’d like to thank everyone at EXP for welcoming and supporting me as I enter the world that is CrossFit!”
– Alaina Lucchetti

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Skill/Strength: Push Press
WOD: [ Fast Forward ]
3 Rounds for max reps:
60 sec HSPU
90 sec Back Squat (135/95)
120 sec Sit-Ups
1 min REST
Score= reps/round
Buy-out: None.
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