Friday 7.5.13

Great 4th of July class who all tackeled “Morrisson” in honor of one of our country’s Heros.

Schedule for 4th of July Week:
Friday: 9:15am & 5:15pm only followed by Grill N Chill
Saturday & Sunday: normal classes

We are looking for volunteers for our CF EXP Summer Smackdown 7/13 & 7/14. If you are interested in volunteering for one (or both) days, please email [email protected] with your weekend availability.
Did you hear….some of the Summer Smackdown WODS have been released! Find them HERE!
Skill/Strength: None.
WOD: [ 32 ]
In teams of 4 complete 8-min AMRAP at each station:
Stone 2 Shoulder
5 yard Prowler Pushes (230/140)
150′ Buddy Carries
*1 Person works at a time (with exception of Buddy Carries)
Buy-out: None.
Post scores to comment box below.


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