FRIDAY 9.24.10 – This is Disturbing

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Chris N. from the 6:30am class that was very disturbing.  It was a link to an article published by USA Today.  The title, “USA is Fattest of 33 Countries”.  After reading the article I sat back for a moment and felt two emotions, one was disgust and the other…pride.  I felt disgusted because we as a country have gotten so out of control with our health and completely lost with our priorities that we have 72 million obese people walking the streets today.  I was proud by the fact that we as the FitCamp community, both staff and members alike, are actually doing something about it and making a difference.  Maybe not on the grandest of scales at a national level but we are certainly making a difference to those closest to us.  You may not realize this but you make a difference every day.  Sometimes it’s the high-5 after class, the friendly “goodbye” followed by “see you tomorrow” on your way out or the welcoming hand extended to a new member.  These simple gestures are never thought of as difference makers but truly make all the difference in the world.  It’s what holds us all together, keeps us going strong when we read “Fran” on the board and makes coming back the next day that much easier.  It’s what keeps us healthy and fit.  As a FitCamp member you are doing so much more than just working out, you are making a difference in the eyes, hearts and lives of others.  You are a leader and through your example, words, discipline, results and commitment you are inspiring all those around you everyday to follow in your footsteps and start living a healthy and fit lifestyle.  This is how you make a difference.

Two-thirds of men and women in America are overweight or obese.

FRIDAY: 9/24/10
L-sits 30 x 4
“Anger Management”
1 Mile Run (5 Laps)
50 Pull-ups
75 Double Unders
100 Walking Lunges
1 Mile Run
1 Round for time
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